Why I Support Women’s March & President Trump

You have no right to tell me how I should feel and what I should believe. I am 19, living in the southern United States, and of the Republican party, but this does not mean that I do not have the right to have opposing opinions.

The media and the strong-minded feel the need to persuade the public, like me, to feel a certain way. But that is just it. The media TRIES to make the public THINK a certain way that is pleasing to the majority.  Where I am from, the women that support equal rights are labeled ridiculous and democratic. In another area the supporters of President Trump are labeled over-conservative lunatics. What about those people that support both?

I consider myself a well-informed individual. My generation is considered “lazy”, or “entitled”, or “underdeveloped.” I am enthused by the study of politics and also the study of civil rights. As a young women, I understand the achievements we as a sex have accomplished. But did we do these things? Generations before us the women took the power to the streets and gained their rights to no longer be a man’s property but to be a woman. A human. A power. There are some strifes we still face today. Some men still see women as lesser and the business enterprises are slowly trickling more women out of the assistance title and into CEO. But that’s just it. There are SOME issues. The women I support take to the scene to promote women empowerment, keeping women equal to men and seen as powers and not as property. I support being open about a woman’s body, after all God created us just as he did the entire universe. I do support Pro-Life and non-abortion acts. I support birth control and the need for stronger punishment in sexual harassment crimes. I so long for women my age to understand that there are reasons to celebrate and support the women’s march because there are so many underlying issues to support and praise. At the college I attend, the handbook alone degrades the woman. Yes, it is a Christian school and yes I know the Bible says the woman should not pray or preach in front of man. But there is no reason that the dress code should only be applied to women and the dorm musters only discuss these rules with the women. SO many times i have heard young female students here say “I am only here to meet a preacher and be a preacher’s wife.”

That is so disappointing. God knows who our soul mate is and that may not be your dream guy. But the issue isn’t high standards, it is the fact that there are young girls wanting to be a wife and not a CEO. This is taking steps backwards. Do you not want to be in Forbes 30 Most Empowering Women? I do. Do you not want to make your own money and be able to accomplish your own goals? I do. DO you not want to become what God has planned for you? I do.

I support the Women’s March for the women in other countries that will never know that anything exists outside of being man’s. Women are sold and raped and used. In the book The Color Purple, a black woman is mistreated and beaten. Raped  by her father and used for birthing children that were taken away from her, she lives with a husband she was given to. She has queer feelings for a woman and is unaware of her own body. Her story is only one third of the sufferings other women face even today. I found the picture below on Facebook and felt the need to edit this post to include it. I don’t know about you, but his post alone rips me apart. I support the march in a proper, classy action. However, I do not support being uneducated on the problems of the world. 16265693_10154954806258559_6405636268199544102_n

This is why I support the feminist movement. To teach and promote the women of the world to take a stand at the progress we can make together.

That being said, I also support President Donald J. Trump. I support him because I have the up most respect for my country. While he is not a mere commoner, I respect his respect for the common people and their opinions. He vowed to give the power back to the people.This nation needs an outsider from the non-political background to give a new opinion and voice against the issues that we otherwise misread. President Trump has run a multibillion dollar company with many international  contacts. Foreign affairs is all too important right now with the way the world is turning. Debt and relations are allowing the US to be controlled in an economic turmoil. It is time for a new man to step up and focus on righting wrongs. I support President Trump’s ideology of religion and promotion of the people. However, Mr. Trump’s undeniable unfiltered mouth and use of provocative moves is unprofessional. His approach at saying “what the public is thinking” is no excuse for attacking muslims, hispanics, and women. While his actions are questionable, his business background provides him the necessary skills to understand the inter workings of running a nation.

And for the good of the country, this is why I back Mr. President Donald J. Trump and feminism.



One thought on “Why I Support Women’s March & President Trump

  1. every generation tries to put this lazy, entitled, bad manners, ungrateful crap on a future generation. youre a millenial, im an x-er, i promise you they have no room– they will never have any room to talk about you that way.

    its nonsense, just ignore them. theyll die hypocrites. and i love some of them, still f*** that. what your generation inherits, no one could ever deserve that amount of sh**. your messes will be your messes. our messes? you get those to. im sorry. i was against them– it wasnt enough. i wish you (us) luck. and maybe one day youll have grandkids, and remember this– and not slander them. we can hope.


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