30 Questions for Self-Discovery: Day 5

What am I grateful for? List at least 10 things. 

  1. Peach sweet tea
  2. Drake
  3. The color maroon
  4. My best friend’s ability to make fun of me every day (in a loving way of course)
  5. Cookie dough ice cream
  6. American Eagle skinny jeans
  7. My granny’s sweet soul
  8. The mountains
  9. Sunsets
  10. Old Nickelodeon tv shows (Drake & Josh and Victorious!)
  11. My inability to turn down cake
  12. Animation on Powerpoint
  13. Carpet squares that line up perfectly
  14. The first pssshhhh when you open a soft drink
  15. My life





Check out my page for more of the 30 Days of Self-Discovery! Stay rad.


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