30 Questions for Self-Discovery: Day 6

When did I experience joy this week? 

This is probably going to sounds lame but whatever I will share anyway.

On Tuesday morning my sister and I left for Franklin to take my mom to the doctor. We ended up having to wait out the day in Franklin to taker her to another appointment so we spent the time wandering around, driving the streets, popping in random stores and such. We went into Belk to browse when my sister spotted a pale pink, two piece dress. It was extremely gorgeous and just hanging on the back wall, left behind from the prom season. Then she had an idea, she wanted me to try it on as a bridesmaid dress for her wedding next June. We took the forgotten dress over to the fitting rooms and I stepped inside the white boxed walls of self loathing. Every time I have gone to try on dresses for a specific occasion I feel so down on myself. I pick myself apart in the dim lighting, the room reeking of the better bodies of those before me sunk deep in the haunting walls. I took a deep breath and released the skirt piece from the clips in the hanger. I slipped it on and unhooked the top. Usually, this was where I lost it with myself.

Not this time. I looked in the mirror and I felt confident. I felt pretty even (not to sound conceited). I walked out to them waiting and the fitting room lady smiled so big. She looked at me and just threw out the compliments. “You are just stunning; that compliments your figure so well; you need that dress; gorgeous.” My sister loved the dress too and even told me as the maid of honor, if I wanted that dress I could have it and she would work every one else around me.

It had been a long time since I truly felt confident or pretty in my own skin. That day my makeup wasn’t have, my hair wasn’t perfectly smoothed but there I was. I felt joy to feel confident again, even if for only a few minutes. I know there a lot of ways to feel joy but this is one that really brought it to light to me in the days when I have been feeling so low.

I hope that joy comes to everyone today. Sometimes it’s hard to find joy in every day, I struggle with that a lot but I hope there is something that speaks to your soul and gives you the joy you desire.






Check out my page for more of the 30 Days of Self-Discovery! Be nice to each other.


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