30 Questions for Self-Improvement: Day 7

List all small victories and successes. 

I’ve been staring at this question for like 20 minutes. If you have any ideas that help you think, be kind and leave some tips in the comments.

I cleaned my room.

I registered for all my fall classes.

I have a job interview next week.

I ordered a new outfit (always a win).

I picked up my drawing journal again.

A cute guy snap chatted me.

My coffee this morning (and three more throughout the afternoon) was perfection.

It’s Harry Potter weekend.

I started blogging again after like 2 months.



While all of these things are small and average, they meant a lot to me. Doing something like this is so vulnerable because there are people who will look at my list or your list and think “that’s dumb. How could that be a victory?” But that’s the beauty in be individuals. We all have individual wins in life that can be small compared to someone else’s. You may be more or less privileged than someone else but we all face struggles and even the smallest success should be celebrated. Spread kindness.




Be sure to check out my page for my other 30 Questions posts. Be kind to each other.



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