30 Questions for Self-Discovery: Day 8

What’s bothering me? Why?

LOL. SO it’s funny how this question came up when I am currently in the middle of a difficult situation that started a few days ago. BUT that situation is not that important so that will be skipped.

However, what is bothering me is what haunts me every day that I can’t shake. What is bothering me is that I just do not feel good enough. There always seems to be something wrong with me. I am not going into the medical field like my sisters so my classes and stories about my progress isn’t as interesting. I’m transferring schools but I am not living at home so I’m just spending more money. The boy liked me but not enough because I just seemed too physically distant and reserved. My friends all text each other but not me because I’m too much of a realist to follow their thoughts about a boy giving someone their number. There just seems to be more and more that keep being within my reach but just too far to grasp.

Why? I know it is cliché to say “why me” but why NOT me? I know I am more than capable of becoming great in my career and being able to prove that the thing I do means something. My school is expensive but if I get to start graduate school early and progress with a more prestigious degree, that’s something I am proud of. I will make someone very happy and be the light in the clouds of grey for them one day and I will be appreciated. If my friends can’t accept me for who I am and love me anyway then they are not the friends I want to hold onto. One day things in life will be within my reach and  I will have grown as a person, as a soul, and be able to grasp what is thrown at me and persevere. I will thrive, I will be successful. It bothers me because I know my potential is great and I want others to see that as well.

What is bothering me? I am a strong, powerful woman who will do great in this world for myself, my community, and my world. Why is it bothering me? It may be hard to press on from underneath the stones that build on top of me, but I know I must break through.





Check out my page for the other 30 Questions for Self Discovery. Be kind to each other.


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